Spa Massage in Thailand With the satisfaction of the customers to use the service, The excellent service provided by our professional therapist. Thanks to all support, Montra massage is committed to continuous improvement. For ultimate endless satisfaction.
SPA TREATMENTS For customers to relax and relieve tension. Treatments are carefully designed from start to finish. By Thai massage experts. In addition, every massage therapist will be tested by the Ministry of Education of Thailand. And massage is standard quality.

Foot Massage + Head, Neck,Back Shoulder

60 Min - 400 Baht.
90 Min - 550 Baht.
120 Min - 650 Baht.

Foot Massage

30 Min - 200 Baht.
60 Min - 300 Baht.
90 Min - 500 Baht.


250 Baht.


250 Baht.